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Here at Origin Cleaning Equipment, we offer floor care appliances in a variety of models, styles and sizes.

Unrivalled Floor Care Range

The right model for you depends on the type of cleaning or polishing your require, the size of your property and your style of flooring.

This is why we offer an unrivalled range of vacuum cleaners and accessories, so you can find the ideal model for your needs. Browse our range of premium products and contact our knowledgable team to learn more.

Easy Operation

Our Backpac Vacs allow for easy use without the clutter.

Enjoy Pristine Floors

Our wide range of floor polishers are perfect for floors of all kinds.

Spare Parts

Need a new part for a broken machine? Trust us to have it in stock.

Get in Touch

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

A Precision Engineered Polish

The Origin OSP445 & OSP445 HEPA is ideal for buffing, spray burnishing and stripping polish off floors. It is also designed for tough sanding jobs on wooden floors.

The Origin Suction Polisher has a true centre mount drive motor with a double reduction gearbox, this offers a balanced ease of use, that leaves the operator in control. The vacuum system is fully enclosed and mounted on the base of the machine to improve performance and eliminates weight on the handle that loads the operator.

Commercial Level Vacuum Cleaning

Offering more than quiet powerful performance, ergonomic comfort and operator safety with high levels of filtration; the BE Series also helps protect against damaging walls and fittings.

The Origin Pacer BP is designed for commercial applications where the convenience for a cable free vacuum is required, such as heavy pedestrian traffic areas. 

Product of the Month

A Vanquish Floor Polisher

Origin OSP445 Suction Polisher

Built around an aluminium die-cast Fin Cooled Motor, double reduction gearbox, and sealed vacuum system, the Origin OSP445 represents the very best in floor cleaning technology and premium levels of performance. An ergonomic design allows for comfort and precision, whilst sealed disposable dust bags ensure quick and clean operation. If you’re seeking the finest finish for your floors then choose our Product of the Month, the Origin OSP445 Suction Polisher.

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Lightweight and portable, with high productivity and performance.

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Easy Operation

A cam lever locks the handle with ease for operator comfort.

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It’s Rapid

This model easily dislodges soil and debris from your floor surface.

A Vanquish Floor Polisher

For more information about the OSP445 and other floor cleaning machines, call us now.
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